SUBJECT: Establishment of the Bor Community Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objective through the community office of Personnel and Operations.

Policy Guidance

Allison and Kaye recapitulate in two sentences what strategic planning is about:

“One of the primary reasons for undertaking a strategic planning process is to establish – or reaffirm – a shared understanding of why an organization exists and its aspirations for the future. The most succinct reflections of this shared understanding lie in the organization’s mission, vision, and value statements.

This policy Memorandum establishes the Strategic plan for the Bor Community Development Association in USA. The given strategic plan; mission, vision and value statements as well as goals and objectives underscore the guiding concepts, beliefs and principles of the Bor Community Development Association in the United States of America.

a. Vision Statement:

Our vision is that of an integrated, prosperous, inclusive and peaceful community; economically driven by its own citizens and in which all people; the natives of Bor community, citizens of South Sudan, foreign investors, and international civil servants do business, live, raise their families, and educate their children.

b. Mission Statement:

To build a diaspora-based, cohesive and self-sufficient community that aspire to pool its resources together and tailor these resources toward empowering its members here in the United States of America and in Bor area, South Sudan.

c. Core Values Statement:

Our organization’s operations are guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

i. Integrity – Do the right thing for the community and its citizens all the time.
ii. Honesty – Be open and faithful to all citizens all the time.
iii. Communication – Be engaging and informative to all community’s members about the organization affairs all the time.
iv. Teamwork – Work collectively as team to accomplish the organizational tasks;
v. Empowerment – Give the community members an economic and social voice;
vi. Accountability – Commit to transparency and hold the organization’s officials responsible.
vii. Commitment to success – Work to make organization better and improve the community future.

d. Goals:

The goal for the Bor Community Development Association in USA is to pool resources from members and friends in order to address four development priorities in Bor area, South Sudan.

e. Objectives:

The four developmental priorities and objectives for the Bor Community Development Association are listed below. The four priorities are broken down by continent where a priority will be based and addressed; these priorities are:

i. Education (Bor Community in Canada, example) – Provide affordable and quality world class education in the Bor County and beyond by 2030.
ii. Health Care (Bor Community in Australia, example) – Provide public health awareness in conjunction with affordable and quality health care in the Bor County and beyond by 2025.
iii. Economy (Bor Community in USA) – Establish a self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and entrepreneurial projects for our people in Bor and beyond by 2030.
iv. Infrastructure (Bor Community in Europe & Africa, example) – Build an infrastructure that connects the county to the rest of state and the country by 2030.

Akol A. Ngong

Bor County Development Association

Chairman, United States of America (USA)