To Bor County Members – USA

As we are now in the 2017 tax season, the leadership of BORCDA will be sending out acknowledgement letters to members and friends of the organization to claim their deduction on their2016 individual tax return for the first time this season.
The letter will contain all information you will need to claim your deduction. If you contributed something to the organization last year (January 1st, 2016 – December 31st 2016), you are entitled to receive an acknowledgment letter from BORCDA. However, for you to receive your letter timely, we will need to be provided with some information.
Here is the list of information we need from:
1. Your legal name
2. Your mailing address

Please contact one of this people
1. Alier Wel Deng – BORCDA treasurer
Tel: (605) 728-2167

2. Deng Marair Deng – BORCDA deputy treasurer
Tel: (605) 251-5435