Dear Bor County and Our two sisterly Counties of Twic East and Duk U. S. A and South Sudanese Fellow Citizens


I am hereby greeting you on behalf of Gwalla and Thony Community in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the chairman of this community, I would like to inform you that we will have our first of its kind fundraiser on July 2 and 3, 2016 in the Great City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and that you are cordially invited to support our fundraiser effort either in person or through donations remittable to our organization’s account if you cannot make it to Sioux Falls, SD on the aforementioned dates. We, as the sponsors of this fundraiser: Gwallei and Thany as well as relatives and friends, are delighted to conduct this resource generating event to renovate our historic Kolnyang Clinic (Kolnyang Primary Care Health Center, see the picture) to serve our returning population from Bor City, refugee, and internally displaced persons’ camps.


We are inviting all of you, our fellow Bor County members from Makuach, Anyidi, Jalle, and Baidit Payams as well as members of our sisterly counties of Twic East and Duk and South Sudanese general public to join us in support of this effort since we know your attendance at this event will have great impact in generating sufficient funds to get this renovation project done for our people back home in Bor, South Sudan. We are humbly accepting donation checks payable to Gwalla Community Vision for Development, Inc., and those checks can be mailed to the address I have provided here (1242 Teall Ave, Syracuse, NY 13206) and at the under signature.
Further, as part of our fundraiser effort, we as Gwallei and Thany, are inviting our brothers-in-law from Chuei e Keer to Chuei e Thon together with their families and friends to help us get the needed financial resources to get this project done for our needy rural population back home as I mentioned above. As one of our community leading sponsors of this fundraiser, I am personally obligated to get you informed on your donation expenditures and as such, I will personally let you know how we will spend your generous donations to renovate this historic clinic that has served our population for almost half a century dating back to pre-war of South Sudan independent days. As I mentioned, this clinic has been helping our people for decades even before both civil wars (almost half a century old clinic) and we cannot let it crumble especially at a time when our people are returning home to rebuild their lives.

As relatives and friends of our community, you are highly invited to support us. You know very well that our beloved Bor County has been devastated by both civil wars and especially by South Sudan Civil War that broke out in December 2013 and from which our community is working hard to rebuild itself at the heel of its after mass. You know brothers and sisters, we are trying to create new innovative and productive ideas that will make sufficient differences in the lives of our people as opposed to adopting minor and piecemeal changes to things that already exist back home within our communities.

As the leader of this community, I humbly appreciate your support in advance. We look forward to working with you in the course of our service to our respective sections, Bor Community, and Republic of South Sudan.

Mr. Mawut A. Riak, Chairman
Gwalla Community Vision for Development, Inc.
1242 Teall Ave, Syracuse, NY 13206

Phone: 315 885-7359