We Wish You Safe Travels to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Dear Bor County Development Association Members,

On behalf of the co-sponsors of Bor County Development Association 2016 Annual Conference, we take this opportunity to wish all of our members from around the States and around the globe who are traveling to our annual conference safe travels to the Great City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We understand it is out of sacrifice and dedication to the welfare of our community that you have taken your precious times to be at the conference and we look forward to working together during the conference to get the work done for our people.

On the same token, we also understand that some of you will not make it to this year’s annual conference due to outstanding obligations (professional or personal) that do not allow you to take that time off and be at the conference. We know you will be able to join us in future annual conferences or meet with you when we are on the road holding meetings and development policy discussions in your communities across the United States and around the world.

Please follow us via our websites (www.borcounty.org; www.borglobe.com); via our community Ba Ngo Looi Raven Radio Program; and via our community facebook page for Bor County Development Association (BORCDA). The conference will be covered live and the up to date video clips and pictures will be streamed through those social media channels.

Ultimately, we take this opportunity to thank the host community of South Dakota for its generosity to our people. We have already seen the pictures of sitting arrangements in the conference hall at the University of Sioux Falls (where we will hold our two day annual conference); the children’s choir preparations; church cleaning and readiness project; and accommodation arrangements for all of our people who are traveling to Sioux Falls for the conference. We have also learned of South Dakota’s huge and generous financial contributions and human labor especially from our South Dakota women that all went toward this annual conference. This community has already done a great service to our people and set a high bar for our other communities that will take the charge of hosting our future conferences and fundraisers. Our people are thankful to you and looking forward to being with you over this upcoming holiday weekend.

Further, we thank Bor County National Office leadership and its various departments for its collaborative work with the host community of South Dakota on planning this annual conference:
(1) The entire executive for debating and approving the entire conference planning;
(2) The Board of Directors for appropriating the funds for this annual conference;
(3) The general secretariat for its seamless preparation to chair the conference;
(4) The operations and event planning leadership and conference planning committee for such an excellent event planning;
(5) The cultural affairs office for putting together cultural activities and Bor Idol program to keep our people entertained before, during, and after the conference activities;
(6) The treasury for its fiduciary and transparent financial management of our community financial assets and facilitation of financial flows toward conference planning that need immediate payments;
(7) The information and media offices for keeping our people up to date and informed;
(8) The development office for getting us key updates and development ideas from Bor in the last two weeks;
(9) The investment office for putting together an investment and revenue generating project that is soon to be announced and that will be executed during the conference;
(10) And the executive advisory and specialized committee members for giving us the technical expertise in their area of specialization to meet the goals and expectations of this annual conference, just to mention a few.

Finally, we thank all of our people who have helped this community under the leaderships of the past and current administrations. It is through their wisdom, time, and hard earned treasure that this community remains standing and it is through heavy lifting and hard work that this community will continue to stand on their shoulders to be able to do the development work that needs to be done for our people here in the States and back home in Bor, South Sudan.

All in all, we wish all conference attendees traveling from nearby states and from afar safe travels and an eventful annual conference over the weekend.

Mr. Akol Aguek Ngong, Chairman
For Bor County National Office (Bor Annual Conference Co-Sponsor)
Mr. Lual Jol Arach, Chairman
For Bor County South Dakota Office (Bor Annual Conference Co-Sponsor)