Mission Statement

Bor County Development Association is a US based diaspora community development association that aspires to build a cohesive community that pools its resources together and tailor those resources to the betterment of its members here in the United States and back home in Bor, South Sudan.

Our mission for Bor County Diaspora is building a cohesive diaspora community that unites on a common purpose to identify its talents and pool its resources together so that it is better positioned to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our average Bor citizens here in the United States and back home in Bor, South Sudan.

Our mission for the future of Bor County in Jonglei State, South Sudan, is a county in which all of our people, the natives of Bor County, citizens of South Sudan, foreign investors, and international civil servants want to live, raise their families, educate their kids, and do business all year round.

When this mission is realized, it will have taken patience and hard work from us, the Bor women and men, sons and daughters, who want Bor to be the number one place in South Sudan in which South Sudanese and global citizens aspire to live and raise their families.

This mission is realizable when we, the natives of Bor County through our federally registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Bor County Development Association, incorporated in the State of North Dakota, in collaboration with our fellow South Sudanese, American friends, and global citizens work selflessly to make our community the most developed, prosperous, welcoming, generous, hospitable, and environmentally sustainable community in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

Our development priorities center on education, health care, economic development, and infrastructure tailed to develop our rural communities back home in Bor County, Jonglei State, South Sudan so that our people can return to their villages from towns, refugee, and internally displaced persons’ camps to rebuild their communities and raise their families in a prosperous Republic of South Sudan.

As a US based diaspora community organization, the Bor County Development Association will pool resources from its members and American friends and using empirical feasibility data from our people back home in Bor, South Sudan subject to nonprofit organization regulations and limited financial resources at hand, will embark on executing feasible and sustainable projects in these four development priorities back home in Bor, South Sudan.

These four development priorities are briefly described low:

  1. EDUCATION: Affordable and quality world class education in Bor County and beyond;
  2. HEALTH CARE: Public health awareness in conjunction with affordable and quality health care in Bor County and beyond;
  3. ECONOMY: Self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and entrepreneurial projects for our people in Bor and beyond;
  4. And INFRASTRUCTURE: Infrastructure that connects the county to the rest of state and the country.

These four development priorities neatly come together with the idea of educating the mind; caring for physical and mental health; providing economic opportunities; and building capability of easy travels for our people from one point to another within the county and throughout Jonglei State and beyond. It is a settled premise that any society that successfully tailors its development priorities to capitalize on those four development priorities successfully builds a prosperous community.

This development philosophy is what Bor County Development Association in conjunction with Bor County members around the world and back home in South Sudan aspires to develop and execute for the development of Bor County rural communities back home in Bor, South Sudan.