SUBJECT: Establishment of the Bor Community Legends’ historical records through the community office of Media Relations and Information Technology


Since the beginning of the Sudan’s civil war in 1983 to date, the Bor Community has lost many key individuals either through war or diseases. The last of which was General Deng Kelei Deng Machar who untimely passed away in early June, 2016 in Juba city, South Sudan. General Deng, along with many other community icons and revered sons have died with an immeasurable wealth of knowledge that could benefit the community next generations. It is very unfortunate that the community has no records of these legends’ valuable experiences; their untimely deaths has and continue to deprive the community of their key lessons that could have been learned. There has been poor and insufficient documentation of these legends’ contributions, not only in their respective communities, but all over the nation for future generations. This overlook and continual passing of the Community’s heroes and legends without leaving their stories behind has prompted the Bor community in USA to take initiatives to collect and archive these legends’ stories for future generations. The Bor Community leadership in USA has tasked the office of Media and Information Technology to draft this policy memorandum and to present it to the assembly for approval and funding.
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