Congratulatory Message for your new Appointment/Assignment and Thank to the Formers

Dear Chol Kuch Chol, Chairman and the Rest of Board Members,
I am to express my gratitude and extend my congratulatory message for your new appointment to serve this community which we all hold and carry at our hearts around the globe. Thank you Mr. (Daniel) Akol Aguek Ngong, for putting this great term together to serve our community at this hour.
To Retained members of the Board, I have no much to say, but you all know the drill. Therefore, I will only encourage you to hang-on and let your experience from previous years guided you as it had been the case all this time along. Please, take the all the lessons learned including successes and failures from past to shape your future; “the present is the key to the past.” (my favorite principle of Geology; the principle of Uniformitarianism)
To New Members of the Board, welcome to the services, I know you have been serving this great community at every capacity wherever you have been, but now you are brought to a spotlight; where all the pressure intensity will increase rapidly, all I can tell you is to pull up your socks and lower your temperament; the rid is very rough. Let me remind you of my favorite quote from Uncle Rt. Rev. Bishop Nathanial Garang Anyieth, that “monyjaang/Jieng ee thaap (difficult to deal with)”, our people are very hard to deal with, therefore, it require a lot of patience.
To Mr. Mangok Mach Bol (aka Green) and Mr. Ateny Thiong Ajak, thank you so much, you have served this community of ours with all your energy and patriotic mannerism. All I can say is that, please, don’t disappear and conceal in your closets; the mission is not accomplished. Your experience is worth sharing it with new members. Please, utilize your free time to generate ideas that will move this community forward for betterment of this community and our next generations to come.

Reuben Guguei Panchol