Congratulations to Bor County Development Association New Board of Directors

Over the weekend, the long awaited transition in the Board of Directors has finally been executed by the exiting and incoming members of the Board. Over the weekend, the long serving former Chairs of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ateny Thiong Ajak; and Mr. Mangok Mach Bol, have officially exited the Board. During the same meeting, the new Board welcomed 4 new members and retained 3 members from the previous Board whose terms haven’t yet expired. The Bor County Development Association is now a 7 member body charged with the role of oversight and consent to the decisions made by the executive.

The retained 3 members from the previous Board are Mr. Chol Kuch Chol-Mang’aai; Dr. Sarah Alier; and Mr. Deng Achol Abui.

The 4 new members that have just joined the Board are Mr. Panther Abuk Kuol; Mr. Mabil Ber Chol; Mr. Abraham Riak Deng; and Mr. Dut Leek Deng aka Dut-Agol.

The new Board of Directors elected new leadership team in the persons of Mr. Chol Kuch Chol as the Chairman of the Board; Dut Leek Deng aka Dut-Agol, Vice Chairman; and Mr. Mabil Ber Chol Nai, Secretary of the Board.

Moving forward, the 7 members of the Board of Directors are as follows:
1. Mr. Chol Kuch Chol-Mang’aai, Chairman
2. Mr. Dut Leek Deng aka Dut-Agol, Vice Chairman
3. Mr. Mabil Ber Chol, Secretary of the Board
4. Dr. Sarah Bullen Alier, Member
5. Mr. Deng Achol Abui, Member
6. Mr. Abraham Riak Deng, Member
7. Mr. Panther Abuk Kuol, Member

On behalf of the executive, I thank the 7 directors of the Board for dedicating their times to serve our community. We congratulate the Board for executing a seamless transition and electing its new leadership team.

We in the executive look forward to working with them during the course of our service to our community. We urge any member of our community who wants to contact any particular member of the Board to contact us at or and we will put him/her in touch with the director he/she wants to have a conversation with.

On the same token, we thank Mr. Mangok and Mr. Ateny who have just exited the Board for the job well done. We wish them the best of luck with their next endeavors and hopefully they will use their freed up times to attend to their personal or family obligations they have put on hold during the course of their service to Bor Community in the past several years.

Akol Aguek Ngong, Chairman

For Bor County Development Association Executive