Press Release: Bor Idol – Cultural Performance at Bor Annual Conference and Policy Guidelines for Bor Idol Participants and Performers (Read Part A and Part B)


From: The Office of Cultural Affairs, Bor County Development Association (BORCDA)

Attention Bor County members and friends: The 3rd anniversary of the Bor Idol and the Bor County Development Association’s (BORCDA) annual’s general meeting and fundraising, new office’s first after an historic election and peaceful democratic transfer of power, are underway in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Saturday May 28 – 29, 2016.

Expectations: Great entertainment activities, culturally and modernly.

Culturally: On Saturday, the Bor Idol’s 3rd anniversary will top the fundraising opening follow by traditional chanting of clans (Wuor) songs. The two times, 2014-15, defending champions: Majier Riak Chol and Chol Majok Aguto must be unseated this year. But that’s not easy task. The champions, as always, are ready to defend their titles with new songs, energy, and creativity. New competitors and returnees must ready themselves one and two steps ahead otherwise the championship team is determined to retain trophies. Midwest traditional singers, Makech Kuol, Riak Mayen, and other regions singers this is it. It’s now or never before champions filed for retirement. Clues how to beat them! With few hot songs, good voice, equal energy, and determination, the defending team can be defeated. Other than that, everything else is left to proclaimers’ approval via their skills. Both ladies and gentlemen are welcome to compete independently or as a group. Please practice and be ready if you wish to contest. You will perform in front of whole Bor County members, friends, and judges.

And certainly this is not like kitchen singing to kill sometime while cooking or living room recording for Facebook cultural challenge this is a real deal. Be prepared to sing in front of huge crowd. And be mindful your talent is an inspiration to your community and her youngsters. Those who participate and fall short to win trophies will win other small prices this year. The Bor County Community recognizes and sincerely appreciated talents of all Bor Idol participants. Each talent lifts up and promotes Dinka (Bor) culture around the world.

Modernly: there will be music from selected wishful amateurs and prime musicians. And for comedians and those who cannot sing this is a chance to display your jokes and other talents between programs whenever time allows.

And on Sunday everything, as usual, will end with celebration in the church, social interaction thereafter, and traditional dancing in the evening. Our motto this year is teamwork for one community–one people. We will keep you updated on cultural matters and entertainments from now and during the event. For any concern feel free to inbox us or post on Bor County Development Association’s (BORCDA) Facebook page:

And again Bor County members and friends you are all invited. And be mindful sisters and brothers your cultural talents and participations are lifeline of our cultures and traditions in the Diaspora. With this understanding, the Cultural Affairs Office organizes cultural activities to bring us together to have fun, socialize and revisit our dramatic past together, share our survival stories, joke, laugh, dance, and most importantly discuss present challenges in our community so we may shape and determine brighter future.

And after all in this great melting pot, the United States of America, cultural activities are the future of our traditions and values that truly set us apart from others.


Cultural affairs Office
Chair: Thuom Aluong Mathiang
Deputy: Yuot Mach Thon


From: The Office of Cultural Affairs, Bor County Development Association (BORCDA)

To: Bor County members and friends

On behalf of the Bor County’s Office of Cultural Affairs, we want to extend our greeting to all members, friends, and other Dinka communities that embrace and promote our great cultures, values, and traditions here in the United States and around the globe. Our primary duties, therefore, are to organize cultural activities, regulate them, and promote them and that required teamwork, rules and regulations to guide the process. It’s our mission to deliver improved and modernized cultural activities. And the goal is to preserve who we are. Therefore we are reaching out to all members to join us on this important mission. In doing this, all of us, we would be able to develop our community rather quickly. It’s our best suitable tool for every task. Therefore be passionate of your culture:
• It’s the true reflection that accurately defines you within or among other cultures.
• It’s the peaceful and happy rallying point to embark on all other things needed in the community.
• It increases participation in community affairs to promote togetherness and healthy social interaction.
• It’s the only powerful tool that reaches across all ages to promote and preserves people and community identity.
• It’s the most effective way to modernly display Dinka Bor traditional songs by elevating The Bor Idol to the highest level.
• It’s the most effective mean to promote tradition and modern jokes in our own language.
• It’s, most importantly, the inspirational to the new generation to carry-on our cultures, values, and traditions.

Your musical, comical, and creativity talents are important to your personal development as well to the community and its development. Thus be mindful sometimes this importance creates misunderstanding that appears as conflict of interest between individual, group, and the community. This, if not addressed promptly, can undermine the very idea of individual and community development. To avoid this, the Cultural Affairs Office has developed what it calls Performances Policies Form (PP-Form).

What’s Performances Policies Form?
The Performances Policy form (PP-Form) is a guideline to invite or apply to perform in annually meetings and events of the Bor County Development Association (BORCDA): be musically with instruments, traditionally singing vocally or just being funny comically.
Other entertainments are welcome if approved by the Cultural Affairs Office. Do not count anything out. Thinks it, creates it, draws it and brings it to us. It may be the next big thing; thus, do whatever pleases you creatively and gives it a chance. Our job is more than keeping, developing, promoting, and preserving our cultures, traditions, and values. We search for all talents within our community, be young and rising or legend and passionate.

Why do we need Performances Policies?
We need performances policies to create equal opportunities for all Bor citizens who wished to display their talents during community events. And we all know cultural activism is in our genes. Everything we do be language, dancing, singing, and education reflects and makes others aware of our identities and cultural values. And everyone is willing to contribute but only few can participate per an event. Therefore we need rules to regulate this well-supplied advocacy. It is our mission to make this efficient for everyone. And with almost an equal cultural talent and right to apply or be nominated to display such talent, it’s hard to achieve our mission without rules and regulations. To accommodate all citizens with transparency and fairness, we require applicants or nominees to carefully read, field out, and sign the Performances Policies Form (PP-Form). This allows us to determine nominees, be a group or individual, based on talent, public demand, and time in which application was received. The annual conference meeting and other organized events are not enough to accommodate every talent. There can only be one person or group per an event.

Again, to create and regulate fair-chances fairly, we require everyone or group with desire to perform at the Bor County’s events to carefully read the three (3) Performances Policies (PP) below. All protocols and regulations stipulated herein, once signed, are obligatory.

PP1. Any artist or group invited or apply and accepted to perform (in front) during the Bor County Functions, be annual conference meetings or other organized events, must support the community development with all proceeds generated therein. In return, the artist is allowed to sale and keeps all revenues, be from CDs, DVDs, tapes clothes, and all other specific intellectual commodities designed and produced by the artist. If an artist organizes late night parties after community officially ended all its activities at initial venues, all revenues generated therein belong to the artist. The goal is to promote artists while they help their community advances it development agendas. Any noticed misunderstand, major or minor, of these protocols must be reported promptly to the Office of Cultural Affairs for quick resolve. Please ask for clarification before signing if anything seems unclear otherwise these protocols shall stand as written;

PP2. Upon signing I, _________________________________, agree to all protocols of the performances policies and my participation is voluntarily and only to support development mission of the Bor County.

PP3. Failure to adhere to all protocols of the Performances Policies herein may undermine applicant’s future participation in the Bor County events. These rules are enforceable amicably between involved parties otherwise further action may require none-legal and legal parties. Appropriate Bor community elders are an example of non-legal parties.

I, the Artist, name: ___________________________________________ is officially requesting to perform in the Bor County’s community event(s).

Held from: __________________________ to _________________________

Applicant’s full names __________________________________________________

Signature _______________________________

For office use only

Approved by: ______________________________________________________Date: ______________

Signature: ___________________________

Thuom Aluong Mathiang, Chair

Yuot Mach Thon, Deputy

You are welcome to contact the leadership at or