Thank You to Greater Panhandle Area and To Leaders Who were on the Road

Dear Bor County members, Greater Bor, and South Sudanese Community in Greater Panhandle Area,

  • BORCDA Panhandle Area Fundraiser, 3/19/2016
    BORCDA Panhandle Area Fundraiser, 3/19/2016
    Fundraiser Attendees, Picture by Mawei Garang Deng
  • BORCDA Panhandle Area Fundraiser, 3/19/2016
    BORCDA Panhandle Area Fundraiser, 3/19/2016
    Nhial Jool Kuot (left), Mawei Garang Deng (right), Majur Deng Nhial (background), Picture by Mawei Garang Deng
  • BORCDA Panhandle Area Fundraiser, 3/19/2016
    BORCDA Panhandle Area Fundraiser, 3/19/2016
    Jok Kon Ajak (in suit) and Alier Nyang Deng (in costume), Picture by Mawei Garang Deng

The Bor County Office in the USA, Bor County Development Association, could not thank you enough for delivering one of the greatest, if not the not the greatest, fundraising events ever conducted by our county in the USA. The fundraiser’s success was a culmination of generosity, hard work, dedication, and love by the members of Bor County in particular and Greater Bor in general as well as South Sudanese Community in the Greater Panhandle Area. You opened your wallets, purses, and piggy banks to generate $23,000 dollars in both cash and pledges. The Bor County Office in the USA recognizes the sacrifices you have made when each one of you donated and pledged during the event.
With our community population still in IDPs and Refugee Camps due to war, you could have sent that money to your immediate families. However, you chose not to and instead gave it because you know really well there are many families in our community back home whose help and security are our collective effort. For no fault of their own, they don’t have loved ones whom they can rely on for help when they need it. And the BORCDA is in position to pull our resources together to deliver much needed help to our people back home. This office believes our issues are too great and insecurity of our people is too real for us to be shackled by flimsy argument that to achieve the security of our people back home and to succeed as Bor County at home and in the diaspora, we have to retreat to the comfort of arbitrary identities and distinctions that have never defined how we live as people of Bor Community. Singleness and disunity have never determined the fate of our community. We suffer together and rise out of the ashes of destructive enemies and forces as one people. And we will not succumb at this critical time to voices singing different choruses in the Western Hemisphere. It’s within this realm and belief the BORCDA has operated and will always operate.
In order to have a successful fundraising event, there are always individuals directly or indirectly who make it become a reality. Among the individuals who made it happen are Bor County women that prepared services for the attendees, Bor County Office members in the Greater Panhandle Area, and Bor County Office members who flew or drove many hours to be at the fundraiser. Chairman Akol Aguek Ngong flew and laid-over for over nine hours from Burlington, Vermont, while Maker Manyang Makol, Secretariat Office, and Rev. Emanuel Agok Kon and Gai Alier Gai, Advisor, all drove a total of eleven hours from Houston and Dallas, Texas, respectively, to be part of the event. The Bor County Office in USA, BORCDA, has no words to express thanks and appreciations for giving their time and resources to help our community in Greater Panhandle Area pull off such a magnificent fundraising event. It was because of the patience, perseverance, and leadership of our organizing team on the ground (Majur Deng Nhial, Mawei Garang Deng, and Mabil Ber Chol will provide us with all of the names of the organizers), who meticulously planned the fundraiser, why the monetary result of the fundraiser was enormous.
A special thank you goes to Rev. Emanuel Agok Kon for accompanying Maker Manyang Makol. His presence during the event and Sunday’s service provided a much needed spiritual guidance. As the Bor County Office in USA, we have no words to fully express our gratitude to you all. Therefore, we simply say thank you to all the individuals mentioned and those we have not mentioned in this letter.


Ajok Atong Ajok, Vice President
Matier Mayom Mayen, General Secretary
Manyok Maluil Joh, Secretary of Information
Alier Wel Deng, Secretary of Treasury
For Bor County leadership team that was not on the road