Treasury Team
Bor County Development Association (USA)
Bor County Diaspora
Date: March 19th, 2016
From: Bor County Development Association Treasury Team
To: Bor County Members & Friends of Bor County (USA)

Dear members and friends of Bor county development association (BORCDA), allow us to greet you all in the names of our beloved county and of the almighty father. We hope this letter will find you all in good faith and health. As you all know that United States is a land made up of fifty states and we have members and friends of Bor County in majority of the states, it can be true that we in the leadership may not be able to reach everyone for face-to-face discussion on matters related to our organization. So we find it imperative to draft this letter as an attempt to reach every single member of Bor County in USA and engage him or her on the revenue collection plan and programs undertaken by the treasury team. Please find time to read and act on it.

Right after wining a highly contested election in Des Moines on May 24th, 2015, Akol Aguek Ngong and Ajok Atong Ajok immediately embarked on a mission to formulate a structure of governing the county’s non-profit organization, the BORCDA. Days later, the structures were completed and one of the structures formulated was the structure of the treasury team which was to be made up of eight (8) team members; the treasurer and his deputy plus six (6) other deputy treasurers representing different regions of the United States namely: North central, south central, southeastern, northeastern, pacific and mountain regions. This move was necessary because there is a need to reach and engage all sons and daughters of Bor County at a closer distance in order to engage in a successful money collection process and promotion of the organization’s mission and vision. All eight members of the treasurer team were later appointed, introduced to each other and assigned their responsibilities.
Well aware of the impending impediments caused by differences that developed among members of Bor county in the preceding years and possible difficulties created by such differences the team will face in generating and managing revenue for the organization, the treasury team of eight (8) members convenes a phone conference on Saturday the 15th august, 2015 to organize and catapult the work they have been entrusted with for the next four (4) years. The team did some productive brainstorming and discussed extensively various ways of raising revenue for the organization for a considerable amount of time. Although the meeting took a little longer than anticipated, it was worth the time because all agendas tabled were exhaustedly discussed with participation of all members of the team. Mindful of how enthusiastic sons and daughters of Bor county in the US are when it comes to lending hands to support activities designed to better the lives of the beloved population of their county which always has been a constant victim of unfavorable circumstances; the team decided to harvest that exceptional level of enthusiasm in various ways. At the end of the meeting, the team came up with a revenue collection model that was later discussed and approved by BORCDA executive board and was unanimously adapted as the operating document for the treasury team. Some of the points undertaken were as follows: setting an example of good leadership by the leadership executive board, how to collect the proposed $250 membership fee, fundraisers and the status of the over $40,000 outstanding pledges inherited from the previous administrations. These points are discussed and explained extensively below.

Exemplary leadership
Since the leadership was handed over halfway through the year 2015, there was not much time left to embark on engaging the entire community to pay their membership fees. The leadership team on its first meeting resolved to conduct a census to have an idea of actual population they will be leading for the next four (4) years. To give way for completion of census and at the same time work on setting an exemplary leadership, the team decided to suspend collection of money from regular community members for the remainder of last year (2015) but worked on engaging BORCDA executives and other sons and daughters of Bor county in the position of leadership at different capacities to send in their contribution. The project was a success because all members holding positions in the executive sent in their 2015 membership fee in short notice. This was a great show of leadership by the executive team members.

$250 membership fee and how to pay it
Cognizant of the fact that our community is facing great challenges that need to be addressed extensively at this time and with finance as a major role player, the leadership decided to priorities membership collection from its members and raise the membership fees of every member of Bor county from $180 set by the previous administration to $250. This amount may sound big but if one is mindful of the daring situation and challenges the leadership is trying to abate, this amount is actually manageable. But incase it is not; the leadership has come up with options to make it friendly to your budget.

First, if you can work out your budget in order to fit in that amount and write out a one-time check of $250 to BORCDA, we will welcome and appreciate that. This is actually one of the best option available because you put the issue behind and focus on other things for the rest of the year. If it doesn’t fit into your budget well, we understand, you can divide it up into 4 (four) installments of $63 dollars each and if it still doesn’t fit well, we can workout a mechanism that can be easy for you and everyone else so we’re all engaged and participating in this program designed to help ourselves here and better the lives of our people back home.

Second, you can start giving by using automatic payroll deduction or linkup your personal checking account to the community account and set up how much you can afford to give, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. BORCDA is a registered non-profit organization under section 501c3 of the internal revenue code and is organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in the nonprofit code mentioned above. By using employer’s automatic payroll deduction program, you are engaging in a more easiest and popular way to regularly give to non-profits here in the United States. Employees sign up for payroll deductions, choose a non-profit organization to give to and choose the percentage or portion of their pre-taxed wages to be regularly deducted from their wages. Some companies even have what is call matching gifts program; a workplace-giving program where companies will double or even triple donations made by employees to a qualified non-profit organization of their choice. It wouldn’t be bad if BORCDA capitalize on that opportunity. We recommend and encourage all our willing members to participate in this program because it is easy and consumes less time. All you can do is ask the HR department of the company/organization you work for and sign up for payroll deduction program and forget about being bothered by the treasury team members asking for your membership contribution.

Since its formation in the year 2005, our organization has been operating on funds raised during scheduled fundraisers. The current administration has no plans to let-go fundraisings as one of the means of raising funds for the organization. However, the leadership has taken steps to engage every member of the organization to willingly participate in regular membership contribution as discussed above. Fundraisers will however be scheduled and organized in various states to enlightened members on the activities and programs of the organization. Members will be asked to contribute and the contributed amount will go toward their membership expectations. For example; if you contribute $50 during a scheduled fundraiser in your region, you will have only $200 left to contribute to the organization for that particular year and if you pay $1,000 at a fundraiser, the organization’s treasury team will never bother you for the next four years. Since there are six (6) deputy treasurers representing each of their respective regions of the United States, the fundraiser will be scheduled and organized solely for that region and closest states. This is so no one feels obligated to book a highly priced plane ticket or drive hundred of miles to attend a fundraiser in a far away state. The organization will bring fundraiser events closer to its members so it doesn’t cost much to attend. We encourage our members to look out for scheduled fundraiser events and make sure they attend and be enlightened on organization’s progress and activities. At the bottom of this letter, there is a list of all treasury team members and the respective region they represent. They will always inform you of the organization activist and events. Please feel free to contact them incase you need any clarifications.

Outstanding Pledges
Previous administrations scheduled and conducted major fundraising activities during their time in the office. During those fundraisers, significant amount of cash was raised and significant amount of dollars in pledges was also recorded. Because of that, current administration inherited over $40,000 in pledges that was promised to be paid during a fundraiser but never materialized. We acknowledge that pledges were made in good faith and due to unforeseen circumstances the promises were never kept or those individuals are working around their budget to settle the pledges. Either way we in the treasury department are okay with it. We have the list of the individuals with outstanding fundraiser balances and we decided to do a friendly follow up with everyone whose name appears on the list. We acknowledge and thank our members and friends for making time out of their busy schedules to attend fundraisers and contribute cash to our cause but we urge them to equally shoulder the responsibility of the pledged amount.

The treasury team would like to thank and sincerely appreciate you all for your support, generous donations and continued commitment to helping our organization prosper. As we are all aware, our population back home needs strength and comfort of our organization more then ever before, we urge every single member of Bor county to role up their sleeves and donate certain percentage of their earning to the organization. It should be made abundantly clear that any dime raised in the names of BORCDA to support activities and programs of this organization will be accounted for and use wisely for the purpose it was intended. So please make arrangements to pay your yearly dues and come out to fundraisers scheduled in your regions. Thank you very much for taking time to read this piece. Please take action!

Sincerely Yours,

1.Alier Wel Deng: Overall treasurer
Tel: (605) 728-2167

2. Deng mariar Deng: Overall Deputy Treasurer
Tel: (605) 251-5435

3. Awuoi Magor Aguto: deputy treasurer for northeastern region
Tel: (315) 558-2497

4. Parach Kuol Wuoi: deputy treasurer for north central region
Tel: (616) 460-8732

5. Peter Malou Jok: deputy treasurer for southeastern region
Tel: (404) 664- 2486

6. Mawut Mayen Chiengkow: deputy treasurer for pacific region
Tel: (206) 356-8591

7. Biar Machar Jongroor: deputy treasurer for Mountain region
Tel: (520) 248-1467

8. Chuti Ngong Anyieth: deputy treasurer for south central region
Tel: (806) 421-6107