Developing Bor through Different Zones of Influence: Aboudit Fundraiser is the Example

Following our congratulatory press release to Aboudit Community and its donors published on The Bor Globe Network earlier today, we hereby once again share a few lessons learned from such an exemplary community development resource pooling initiative as discussed below:

First, we believe we can develop Bor County through different levels of leadership within our community. We can approach development through families, sub-sections, sections, Payams, County, and beyond up to the state, and national level. Aboudit Community has led the way this year with such a seminal fundraiser and we hope other sections within Bor County Diaspora (USA) will follow its suit. We in Bor County Development Association leadership support those sectional and Payam based community development initiatives.

Second, our people and friends are generous and are willing to give if the purpose for which the money being raised is clearly explained to people in a way that meets the expectations for reasonable chance of success. We have learned from our delegated representative, Mr. Maker Manyang Makol, that Aboudit leadership explained the clinic construction project with specific details on what is needed and how that project is going to be carried out from day one all the way to its completion. That impressed people and they gave handsomely to such a life changing project.

Third, leadership matters when it comes to getting things done. We learned how the fundraiser was organized by Aboudit leadership and the outreach that the leadership team undertook to get people invited to the fundraiser was the most seamless, efficient, and effective process ever undertaken in the recent past. We all need to learn from Aboudit Community Chairman, Abuoi Majok Akuak, and his team on the process management skills that enabled him and his team to pull off this successful project and that we may emulate within Bor County and beyond for the success of our own future fundraisers and other development projects in the days and months ahead. Congratulations to Aboudit leadership and the entire community for such a successful initiative.

Finally, Bor County Diaspora leadership through its nonprofit wing, Bor County Development Association (BORCDA), has made it an official policy to support development initiatives at various levels of organization in Bor County Diaspora and beyond across other communities within Greater Bor System and South Sudan Diaspora here in the United States.

In closing, we look forward to supporting and collaborating with various sectional and Payam leaders and their communities as they work on ways to collect resources for the development projects back home in Bor, South Sudan. On the same token, we look forward to having those leaders and our communities under them collaborate with us on our projects we plan to undertake in the months and years ahead.

Mr. Manyok Maluil Joh (Information)
Mr. Majur Deng Nhial (Press)
For BORCDA leadership