Bor County Newsletter: Bor County Leadership on the Road

Vermont Community celebration, Burlington, VT, August 15, 2015. Picture by Akol Aguek Ngong

Vermont Community celebration, Burlington, VT, August 15, 2015. Picture by Akol Aguek Ngong

The Bor County Development Association/Bor County Diaspora (USA) Chairman’s visit to Panhandle Area this year will be his second visit in little less than a year. Last year in March, 2015, Mr. Akol Aguek Ngong, then a candidate and aspirant for Bor County top office, visited Guymon, OK while on a campaign trail; a visit at which he met many of his county constituents; the same population he is looking forward to visiting and updating during this upcoming resource generating fundraiser on March 19 and 20, 2016.

The Chairman shared his views with the office of information and press that this time is different. It is no longer a campaign season. It is a community development season. This trip is purely a community update and resourcing collection mission because our community has asked us to lead and we should put ourselves out there to serve. And such community service requires those of us in the leadership to update our people and ask for resources to fund the projects we have designed and that we aspire to accomplish during the course of our 4 year tenure (we have three years left —– one year has already passed but with accomplishments).

That is why we are back on the road to share our agenda with our people and challenge them to dedicate a portion of their resources to that community agenda.

In the last few months, we had held a handful of community updates around the country:

  • The Chairman, Mr. Akol Aguek Ngong, had a community update meeting with Bor County constituents in Boston, MA last year, October 31, 2016.
  • The Vice Chairman, Mr. Ajok Atong Ajok, joined the members of national office in South Dakota, Treasury team top leadership, Mr. Alier Wel Deng, and Mr. Deng Marial Deng, as well as Mr. Wal Chol Deng of Press and they updated Bor County constituents residing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Christmas Day, December 25, 2015.
  • Further, General Secretary, Mr. Matier Mayom Mayen, together with Mr. Alier Wel Deng and Mr. Deng Marial of Treasury Department also held a similar community update with our County members residing in Denison, Iowa earlier this year, January, 2016.

The next phase of our community engagement is being upgraded to community update, push for membership contributions, and resource collection fundraisers that begun with a successful Fundraiser event in Vermont, February 13, 2016; an event at which up close to half of the funds raised came from our American friends.

Bor County leadership hopes to raise more funds during Akol’s visit to Panhandle Area later this month, March 19, 2016. Panhandle Area was a community that accorded then candidate Akol and now Chairman Akol with a huge generosity last year when its members donated huge sum of money that kept Akol’s campaign afloat from Mid-March through Election Day, May 24, 2015.

The Chairman is confident of raising even more money than he did last year because people will be more ready to support community development projects that he will put on the table.

The Chairman said “I am looking forward to seeing all of our people of Panhandle Area once again in little less than a year since the last time I visited the area. I thank the organizers who have dedicated their precious times to help organize this important event on behalf of Bor County Development Association. I want everyone to attend the community update and fundraiser.”

He added, “ I want people to come ask questions and give us constructive advice that will help us improve on some of our ideas we have already or will put on the table.

He stressed, “I want our people to give back to their community by sharing the little they have with those who are in need back home in Bor, South Sudan. Yes, we can ask our American friends for help as we have done in Vermont and we will do in a host of other places. But by the end of the day, it is us who should lead in generating our own resources and dedicating those resources toward the development of our rural communities especially in the area of education, health care, economic development (food production), and if we can afford, then in the area of infrastructure in our county and beyond. Of course, it will need partnership and collaboration with our people back home and around the globe. In the last several months, we had shared our ideas with our people back home in South Sudan, Australia, Canada, Uganda, Kenya, and by the end of the day, each of our back home and diaspora communities will choose which of those areas of development we will focus on and if our people open their wallets and fund our projects, there will be a tangible change in the lives our people back home.”

The Chairman continued, “we had a platform that we presented to our people when we sought this leadership last year and it is the first thing we normally share with our people in every community update we hold just to bring them up to speed on what it is that we have begun to do since we took office on July 4, 2015. I will do the same briefing during the community update and resource pooling fundraiser in Guymon, OK later this month. Nothing has changed. We are sticking to it.”

The Chairman finalized, “Panhandle Area is a generous and welcoming community in which everyone dedicates themselves to serving our community. I am looking forward to updating this community this year. But more importantly, I am looking forward to thanking them for what they have done and will always do for our community.”

Anyone who wants to contact Bor County Development Association (BORCDA) leadership can reach us at either or


Mr. Manyok Maluil Joh (Information)

Mr. Majur Deng Nhial (Press)