Update on Vermont Fundraiser: Huge Show of Generosity

  • Bor County members in Vermont at fundraiser event
  • Local South Sudanese and Sudanese in Vermont at fundraiser event
  • Akol Aguek President of BORCDA USA

It is a true show of kindness and generosity to people of Bor County by our fellow South Sudanese and Sudanese in Vermont. And more importantly by our American friends whose generosity has been humbly felt by those of us from Bor County who were in Attendance on Saturday, February 13, 2016.

The summary of fundraiser is as follows:

  1. AMERICAN FRIENDS: Because the temperature was negative 32 (-32 degree Fahrenheit), most of our American friends did not attend the fundraiser in persons but they sent us their checks in advance (payable to Bor County Development Association). The two top donors were two families that donated $600 and $350 respectively. It is worth noting that about half of the money raised during the fundraiser came from our American friends in Vermont. The family that donated $600 has committed itself to sponsoring another fundraiser for us over the summer. We just need to be clear on the programs we are executing back home and how we are using the money we have raised thus far to change the lives of our people back home. Huge thanks to our American friends for their continued support and generosity;
  1. GREATER BOR SYSTEM: Within Greater Bor System, Bor County members who sponsored the fundraiser raised the highest amount of money as it should be expected as the sponsors and beneficiaries of the money raised at the fundraiser. The leading Bor County donors were two individuals (not Akol or Maker who are from the office) but Bor County private citizens who each donated $600 and $500 respectively (in cash, not pledge!). All Twic East and Duk County members who were in attendance all donated to the fundraiser (most in cash) as well. Both Twic East and Duk counties have needs back home but they felt it was their duty to help Bor County this time as Bor County will reciprocate next time. Bor County leadership thanks Twic East and Duk members for their generosity during the fundraiser;
  1. SOUTH SUDANESE AND SUDANESE: We have donors from all over South Sudan and Sudan as far as Nuba Mountains. They all have their needs in their villages back home but they felt showing kindness to Bor County members in Vermont was the right thing to do. It is incumbent upon us to reciprocate such generosity when other communities do their fundraisers here in Vermont in the near future;
  1. AFRICAN FRIENDS: Two African friends one from Congo and the other from Botswana who were in attendance also contributed to Bor County Development Association as well. We really thanks both of them for their generosity to our people.

Finally, we are happy to share the amount raised during this fundraiser. But we cannot publish it on the website. Nonetheless, any Bor County member who would like to know how much was raised in Vermont can contact us at borcounty2015@gmail.com or contactbor@gmail.com and we will furnish him/her with the numbers.

Again, we are very thankful to our donors and our members for opening their wallets and lending helping hands to our people.  We are also thankful to the Chairman of Sudanese Community in Vermont, Chol Dhoor Riak for his support for Bor County Development Association fundraiser effort.  Overall we thanks our women for being the lead sponsors of the fundraiser event.

We look forward to updating you on the development programs on which the money raised will be spent. Ultimately, we will provide another update to our people on the Panhandle Area fundraiser later this month.



Manyok Maluil Joh (Information)

Majur Deng Nhial (Press)

For Bor County Administration ( BORCDA USA)